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My boyfriend called this company to complete the interview for his auto loan . The customer service agent that happened to answer the phone each time Darlene hung up on him 3 times .

When I called back and told her we did not want to speak with her she hung up again . I finally was transferred to Melissa who also wasn’t helpful I understand you can’t speak with me about someone else’s car loan but at least be a little more considerate that he is trying everything in his power to comply and no one has the proper training at that company . She stated to me that ma’am you can’t file a complaint because you’re not a customer are you crazy I had a horrible encounter with you guys that alone shows me I will never want to be a customer of you guys. The whole company’s experience is terrible .

I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy .

Calling them is like calling a mute . You won’t get any help here .

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I want to know why is it that they add two dollars to my loan every two days I owe 788 dollars to finish my car loan this is not right

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